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Security at a glance

Discover the digital heart of event safety. Our Integral Safety Dashboard brings together all crucial real-time information in one clear system, available to all parties involved. Make sure you always stay one step ahead by having instant insight into all essential data during your events.

Real-time control and insight

Professionals who manage large events and crowds face complex challenges. They must continuously ensure safety, respond efficiently to unexpected situations and ensure a smooth flow of visitors. At the same time, there is the pressure to meet strict regulations and exceed public expectations. Lack of real-time information can lead to delayed decision-making and increased risks.

  • What is the current attendance at different event locations?
  • Are there any areas where security risks are currently elevated?
  • How effectively are current security measures being implemented?

Our integrated security dashboard provides real-time answers to these critical questions by visualizing all relevant data on a clear platform. It allows users to quickly navigate between different data streams, enabling immediate action where needed. With our dashboard, you maintain control and ensure the safe and streamlined running of your event. Are you ready to take your event security and efficiency to the next level?

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