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Integral Safety Dashboard for Marathon Rotterdam

During the recent Rotterdam Marathon on April 14, 2024, our safety system was deployed as a pioneering event management tool. Developed on our digital twin platform, this dashboard provides an integrated overview of various aspects of the event, aimed at improving safety and coordination.

The Integral Safety Dashboard includes detailed information about the event, such as marathon routes, locations of crowd barriers and zones. What makes this dashboard unique is the integration of real-time data, including crowding at public locations, traffic flow information and live platoon location. This enables organizers and emergency services to respond quickly to changing conditions and make effective decisions to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.

The dashboard acts as a shared platform that provides different event stakeholders with the same information, improving collaboration and coordination. After a successful test during Koningsdag 2023, the dashboard is now being scaled up to large-scale events in Rotterdam, with the aim of further improving the safety and success of these events.

"This system allows us to coordinate events in a whole new way, with maximum safety and efficiency." said Jeroen Steenbakkers, Director Argaleo

integral safety dashboard Marathon Rotterdam
integral safety dashboard Marathon Rotterdam

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