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Digital Twin solution for Public Order and Safety

Professionals working in the field of public order and safety want an up-to-date and clear picture of the possible risks in the working area. With our Digital Twin, you get all relevant current data immediately in context. Because it is an online tool, this information is very accessible and easy to share with partners in the chain.

These authorities went before you

Our dashboard supports safety professionals by

A user-friendly online tool

An integrated view with data-driven insights into all risks in an environment

Linking to own data systems

Scalable use through access for all stakeholders


  • Updated 3D image of the built environment for the whole of the Netherlands
  • Detailed area information such as zoning, boundaries and sites.
  • Comprehensive set of location information for external safety such as risk contours, networks and objects at risk

property information

  • More than 40 property properties including information on physical properties, uses and businesses in the property
  • Selection tool to do an area analysis at the push of a button
  • Specific information on building safety such as vulnerability, self-reliance and population

real-time data

  • Insight into visitor numbers and crowds
  • Mobility data such as traffic, public transport and parking information
  • Current weather information and KNMI reports

scenario analyses

  • Smoke/gas and toxic cloud analysis
  • Explosion analysis
  • Analysis on power failure

national and local sources

  • Coming soon: link with GMS
  • Link with the data platform of the Geo4OOV programme
  • Link with your Safety Information Exchange (VIK) or data platform

Information-driven security

Can't see the wood for the trees? We make your information transparent and integrally available via our Digitwin platform. You remain the owner of all data and privacy and security are guaranteed.

Would you like more information or a demonstration of the dashboard?