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Digital Twin solution for cycling policy

Cycling is seen as the sustainable alternative for short and medium distances. To increase bicycle use, the Dutch government is investing more and more in the bicycle network and bicycle use. But which investments achieve the best results? And how can you properly analyse and share those results? With our Digital Twin, you get all the relevant insights immediately.

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Our digital twin offers data-driven insight into

Our dashboard supports professionals by

A user-friendly online cycling policy tool

Connection to the local data platform

Data-driven insights into cycling network performance 

Scalable use through access for all stakeholders


  • Exact overview of cycle paths
  • Locations of relevant objects such as traffic lights and thresholds
  • Overview of relevant buildings/destinations such as stations, schools and businesses.


  • Bicycle accessibility of important locations such as stations and schools
  • Number of (potential) users (CBS data) such as number of inhabitants and age structure
  • Information on number of facilities within a certain travel time

bicycle network

  • Information on the use of the bicycle network
  • Overview of bottlenecks per area (district/neighbourhood)
  • Understanding network speeds and delays

Cycle routes

  • Interactive origin-destination analysis per road section
  • route planner with fastest and shortest route
  • Interactive route analysis in distance, travel time and detour factor

numbers of cyclists

  • Visualisation of counting points
  • Development of cycling behaviour on location
  • Trend analyses of bicycle numbers per location
Joost de Kruijf
Breda University of Applied Sciences
Programme Manager Dutch Cycling Intelligence

It is great that Dutch cycling knowledge and developed insights are linked within an application such as the Digital Twin, giving authorities direct insight into actual bicycle use. It also offers opportunities for in-depth policy questions and knowledge development.

Ron Noortwijk
Province of South Holland
Policy officer bicycle and chain mobility

This information helps us to weigh alternative routes and choose the most effective improvements.

Rogier Heijltjes
Province of North Brabant
Programme Manager Bicycle

With a data-driven approach, we have gained a better understanding of the opportunities for improving and expanding a high-quality bicycle network.

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