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From data to value

Insight into tomorrow's city thanks to smart data analysis, visualized in online 3D Digital Twins.

Online data-driven insights with 3D Digital Twins

With our Digital Twins you get data-driven insights into your region or city. Directly online on your screen. Our customers use this for:

Support in understanding and analysing the built environment, sustainability, mobility and safety

Efficient, online and data-driven work.

Link to your own static and live data sources in a smart city dashboard

Effective, dynamic and attractively designed communication within and outside the organisation

These organisations are already using our digital twins

Create value from data with Argaleo

Fast and accessible

No hassle with complex software. With the user-friendly online dashboard, you have access to up-to-date insights anytime, anywhere.

3D data visualization

The fast 3D viewer gives a better and clear interpretation of information in the environment.

Actual and complete

With more than 250 standard linked datasets we offer the most extensive catalogue of public data and basic registrations in the Netherlands as a start for your own Digital Twin.

Modular and connected

The Digital Twin is easy to link to your own live or static data sources. This way you finally have the right insight into your raw data.

solutions for government & company

Our solutions and services contribute to the improvement of liveability in the Netherlands. We do this by building custom solutions for you, in your own Digital Twin. Create insight into major social themes such as the built environment, mobility, safety or sustainability. Together with you, we develop applications that finally provide the right insight. Read the cases for some leading examples.