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Integral safety dashboard proves its worth again during King's Day in Emmen

Argaleo's integral security dashboard, an advanced application of our Digital Twin platform, once again played a role in ensuring security during Koningsdag 2024 in Emmen. This year was particularly significant because the King was present, which required extra security measures. Close cooperation with the police ensured effective integration of the dashboard into the day's security operations.

The dashboard integrates real-time location data, pressure gauges, weather updates and traffic information, providing a comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground. Previously successfully deployed during Koningsdag in Rotterdam, this technology has again proven its worth in Emmen by enabling streamlined coordination between the various security services and event organizers.

Source: NOS
Source: NOS

Jeroen Steenbakkers, owner of Argaleo, underlines the impact of the dashboard: "The deployment of our integrated security dashboard during an event attended by the king shows how crucial integrated real-time data is for security. The success in Emmen confirms our position as leaders in the field of advanced security systems for large-scale public events."

Matthijs Flim, Domain Director Smart City Police Netherlands, adds, "Each implementation of the system brings new insights that help us refine our technology. We are proud of the positive effect the system has on the safety of events such as Koningsdag."

Argaleo invites those responsible for event safety at cities, safety regions, police and event organizers to get in touch to learn more about the dashboard and discover how our solutions can improve safety during their events

Integral safety dashboard King's Day Emmen
Integral safety dashboard King's Day Emmen

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