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Digital Twin of your city

With DIGITWIN you get data-driven social insight into your region or city directly online on your screen. Our customers use this for, among other things:

Support in understanding and analysing the built environment, sustainability, mobility and safety

Efficient, online and data-driven work.

Link to your own static and live data sources in a smart city dashboard

Effective, dynamic and attractively designed communication within and outside the organisation

DIGITWIN is modular and can be used both with your own data and with our enriched data packages. You always remain the owner of your own datasets. In addition, we offer customization to turn your questions into solutions.


DIGITWIN is a leading 3D web application that converts your own datasets and those from the Environment Server into valuable insights. From the user-friendly menu, one press of a button gives access to current information and answers. This makes our Digital Twin a fast, accessible online tool that you can use on a small and large scale.