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International cooperation on crowd management

Together with colleagues from the municipality of Amsterdam, municipality of Utrecht and the National Police, Argaleo was a guest of the municipality and local police of Turin. Our delegation was invited to exchange knowledge and projects on innovation for crowd management and deployment of drones.

We were very warmly welcomed by our Italian colleagues and had an inspiring working session at the innovation office of the municipality and police at the tech community OGR TECH. Turin showed a dashboard to give the police and private security guards the same picture about people flows. To combat harassment of women in public transport, Turin developed chatbot to report unwanted situations. Also, to remotely control drones, Turin uses the same technology that NASA uses to control robots on Mars.

Of course, we demonstrated the Crowd Safety Manager trial in Scheveningen and also the Drone Lab in Amsterdam. These were inspiring days, which included a meeting with the commander of the Turin local police and with the national police. The visit was a new step in the cooperation with Turin that will certainly be followed up.

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