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NWO grant for use of human-centered AI in crowd and crisis response

A considerable challenge in crisis situations is the combination of complexity, time constraints and moral decisions. AI has enormous potential to support decisions in crowd crises, but the increasing use of AI has led to a debate over legal and ethical issues. The AI-COMPASS consortium, led by TU Delft, is developing real-time support systems that take into account context, behavior and values. This project is funded by NWO's Collaboration between Humans and (semi-)Autonomous systems program. Argaleo is one of the consortium partners.

Our growing cities are also increasing the risk of crowd crises. Crowd crises endanger social safety and cause enormous economic and social damage. Through two pilots in The Hague and Rotterdam, we are developing solutions for different events such as demonstrations or busy beach days. "With a large part of the consortium, we have been developing crowd management analyses and predictions based on real-time data for four years. This project is the next step because we will take even more into account the ethical and human value of decision making." Thus Jeroen Steenbakkers, owner Argaleo.

Improve public safety

Predicting crowding and its associated risks is a major scientific and societal challenge. 'This is exactly where the project can provide a solution. We combine our expertise in crowd dynamics, advanced sensor technology and AI. Central to this is the development of innovative digital tools to optimize human safety. The tools will support the planning and management of a wide range of planned and unplanned events, while ensuring privacy and avoiding bias,' said TU delft professor Serge Hoogendoorn.

Professor Tina Comes of TU Delft said, "Crises change human behavior, decision-making - and also the way people interact with AI. I am excited that in this project we are taking a step forward to improve public safety with truly human-centered AI. I look forward to working with a great consortium of dedicated stakeholders and partners.

The consortium

Partners in the AI-COMPASS project are: TU Delft, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Politie Nederland, Multi Intelligence Center, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Delft, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Argaleo, ELBA\REC, WE LABS, Safesight, Connekt, NS Stations, ProRail, Provincie Zuid-Holland, Gemeente Dordrecht, Gemeente Sittard-Geleen, Stadion Feijenoord, Bureau Binnenstad Den Haag, HTM Personenvervoer, Future City Foundation, NEN, RET, Capgemini. They will receive 1.7 million euros in total for the next five years from the NWO program Collaboration between Humans and (semi-)Autonomous systems.

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