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Innovative and integral dashboard for downtown Oss

An integral dashboard that provides insight into the current situation in the city center and also shows the impact of actions and interventions. That is what Centrummanagement Oss was looking for. They found the solution that met this need in the 'Digital Twin' of Argaleo. The cooperation between the two parties was officially kicked off in the town hall of Oss on June 12 under the watchful eye of aldermen Sidney van den Bergh and Dolf Warris.

Challenges medium-sized municipality

Visitor numbers, vacancy, accessibility and the livability of the city center. These are topics that many center managers of large and medium-sized cities deal with. But how do you provide new insights to base decision-making on? And how do you then ensure that insight can also be given into the actual impact of all efforts? These issues are also being addressed in the center of Oss. 'The center of Oss distinguishes itself from other Brabant city centers by the large presence of independent entrepreneurs. Of the more than 300 businesses in the center of Oss, 225 are independent entrepreneurs. We call this the couleur locale,' said Jack van Lieshout, Center Manager Oss.

flnr Steenbakkers, van Lieshout and aldermen Warris and van den Bergh
flnr Steenbakkers, van Lieshout and aldermen Warris and van den Bergh

Focus on a future-proof downtown

Centrummanagement Oss wants to ensure a future-proof city center that is and remains attractive to visitors. In this, it is important that they can monitor the consequences of economic and social developments. For example, what are the consequences of the changed buying behavior of consumers for the local entrepreneur in the city center? And how can they advise these entrepreneurs in the best possible way? Because the data needed for these insights often comes from different sources, it was quite challenging to do good analysis on this. So there was a need for an integral dashboard that brings all the data together in a very clear way.

Jack van Lieshout: 'We were looking for an innovative no-nonsense party. Through a common connection we ended up at Argaleo. We are very satisfied with this cooperation. The dashboard of the so-called 'Digital Twin' brings together a lot of data, including new data for us. It has enabled us to work more efficiently and gives us a user-friendly and comprehensive insight that helps us make the right decisions.

Dashboard branching and vacancy
Dashboard branching and vacancy

Getting a grip on the data

The dashboard gives center managers a handle on disparate data. From vacancy rates to visitor numbers, everything comes together. With the knowledge they gain from this, they can better advise new and existing downtown entrepreneurs on relevant topics. The monthly clear reports they can now share with the entrepreneurs ensure clear communication. Something Centrummanagement Oss sets great store by.

Jeroen Steenbakkers, founder of Argaleo: 'During innovation projects we often work together with large cities. The goal of these projects is to develop new technologies and analyses for sustainable vital and resilient inner cities. We are happy that we can now share all the knowledge we have gained during the past innovation projects with a city like Oss.'

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