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Dordrecht takes innovative step forward with new digital twin dashboard

In a progressive move to maintain and further strengthen the vitality and attractiveness of the inner city, Binnenstadsbedrijf Dordrecht is proud to announce the implementation of Argaleo' s digital twin dashboard. This innovative dashboard enables entrepreneurs, property owners and the municipality to monitor developments.

Argaleo's digital twin dashboard is part of a broader smart city program aimed at boosting downtown economic development. By integrating data on visitor flows, retail activity, real estate and parking, the dashboard provides a complete and up-to-date picture of the city. This integrated approach makes it possible to respond more quickly and effectively to the dynamics of the city and the needs of its residents and visitors.

Remco Gravendijk and Merel Meulenman
Remco Gravendijk and Merel Meuleman

The challenges facing downtown Dordrecht, such as maintaining vibrancy and attracting new visitors, require an innovative and coordinated approach. The use of the digital twin dashboard helps with this by providing stakeholders with insight into the economic health and development opportunities of the inner city.

The Binnenstadsbedrijf Dordrecht underlines the importance of cooperation between all parties. "The implementation of the Argaleo dashboard strengthens our ambition to also put Dordrecht on the map as a smart city. It enables us to maintain the strength of our inner city while offering innovative solutions to the challenges we face," said Remco Gravendijk, Binnenstadsmanager of Binnenstadsbedrijf Dordrecht.

Digitwin Dordrecht
Digitwin Dordrecht

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