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Alkmaar bets on data for better understanding of region

Hart van Noord-Holland, Alkmaars Bolwerk and Ondernemend Alkmaar are strengthening their position in addressing regional challenges by entering into a strategic partnership with the advanced data platform Digitwin. The platform enables data-driven social insight into a region or city. Issues related to vacancy and mobility can be addressed with it, and segmentation based on visitor profiles is also improved.

Other interesting possibilities offered by the platform include weather linking, which measures the influence of weather on crowds in the municipality, and monitoring accessibility in the city center. Melanie Goudsblom, deputy director Hart van Noord-Holland is enthusiastic about the cooperation: ''It enables us to map various aspects, such as passer-by flows, accessibility and the type of visitors to the municipality. Very valuable information on which we can determine our strategies and make the region even more attractive for residents, visitors and businesses. Based on the origin data, very targeted marketing can be deployed, specifically for these target groups.

digital platform Digitwin Alkmaar
digital platform Digitwin Alkmaar

By mapping that passer-by data, associated dwell times and modes of transport, among other things, detailed visitor profiles can be drawn up that can be used to respond to and advise on improving the municipality in all sorts of areas. One of those areas, the vacancy in the center of Alkmaar and particularly on the Laat, has been a thorn in the side of Björn Mulder, who himself is a property owner and shopkeeper and acts as chairman on behalf of Alkmaars Bolwerk. He views the future of Alkmaar center positively. ''Using the data and insights obtained by Argaleo, we can, for example, create profiles for each subarea in Alkmaar of the type of visitors who mainly come here. On this basis, stores can be chosen that are well suited to the needs of these target groups,'' Mulder said. Obtaining these insights is currently focused on the municipality of Alkmaar, with a desire to expand to other areas in the region.

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