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Argaleo in documentary Innovation Quarter Den Bosch

In the northern part of Bossche Spoorzone is the Innovation Quarter and Boschveld. In this neighborhood people live in reconstruction and modern apartments, work in trendy offices and many cultures live together here. Commissioned by Erfgoed 's-Hertogenbosch, the Bossche artist Monique Broekman visualized the stories of residents and entrepreneurs. Stories of today as heritage for the future.

In the Innovation Quarter and Boschveld, the stories are there for the taking. Monique Broekman made three documentaries that together form a triptych in 2024. They give a time picture of how people live, work and stay here. The personal stories include 'memory, delay and acceleration'.

Documenting data science companies

Grasso's monumental building is the hotspot in the field of ICT and data. The data science companies of Jeroen Steenbakkers, Niek Versteegde and Luc kitslaar focus on solving social issues. They do this by working on efficiency and innovation with a view to the future.

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