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Atlas Cyclable Utrecht

the challenge

The number of inhabitants and visitors to the province of Utrecht will be growing strongly in the coming years. To keep the province accessible, green and healthy, they are encouraging the use of bicycles. Cycling is healthy, good for the environment and takes up less space than a car. That's why they make cycling attractive and safe: they improve the regional bicycle network, realise express cycle routes and choose for innovations that contribute to healthy living. They also ensure that public transport is available and that there are enough bicycle parking spaces. The bicycle is important for the economy. Cycling contributes to better accessibility, an important condition for companies to establish themselves.

the solution

Argaleo developed the Atlas Cyclable Utrecht in collaboration with Breda University of Science (BUAS). How accessible are schools by bicycle? And where would a bicycle tunnel be most effective? Questions to which bicycle data dashboard Atlas Fietsbaar Utrecht provides answers. Atlas is a Digitwin environment with public data combined with bicycle data analyses. With Atlas one can see the use of bicycles, but also possible bottlenecks like delay at traffic lights. The tool was developed on behalf of the province of Utrecht to make data-driven policy information available in a user-friendly and centralised way.

With the Atlas, policymakers, entrepreneurs and research institutions can develop more user-friendly cycling infrastructure and policies. The tool contains a detailed 3D map of the province of Utrecht with general information about the built environment and information about the bicycle network, express cycle routes and for instance the bicycle accessibility of important locations.

This DigiTwin includes the following insights:

  • Overview of the bicycle network and cycle superhighways
  • Directness analyses of schools in the province
  • A dynamic accessibility analysis for the bicycle
  • Analysis of intersecting flows between car and bicycle


There is a lot of expertise and innovative knowledge about cycling available at companies, research institutes and governments in the Utrecht region. By working together and exchanging knowledge through the Atlas, they are stimulating innovations for smart, sustainable and safe cycling. This will put Utrecht increasingly on the map as an international centre of expertise and innovation for cycling and make cycling innovation an export product for our province.

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