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Shopping city Veenendaal chooses Argaleo for grip on inner city with data

Since 2017, entrepreneurs in the inner city of Veenendaal have been cooperating with each other in BIZ Winkelstad Veenendaal. In order to be able to even better tune the activities of Winkelstad Veenendaal to the different target groups, insight into data is essential. This data forms the basis for the strategy for the next four years, with the goals of attracting more visitors, extending their stay and strengthening the entrepreneurial climate.

In realizing these ambitions, they have enlisted the expertise of Argaleo. Argaleo will develop a detailed marketing monitoring plan, which will also allow the progress on these ambitions to be tracked based on appropriate data. During the first year, it will assist in the analysis and interpretation of available data and information. To that end, from its Digitwin platform, it will provide an integrated dashboard that brings together all relevant information about the city center for an instant understanding of results.

Argaleo is working with Robin van der Helm (van der Helm Consultancy) on this; "Working on an inner city requires knowledge and especially insight. Are we doing the right things and are we doing them right? Does what we hope for happen when we turn the knobs? Linking ambitions to measurable indicators is indispensable. Together with Argaleo we provide this."

"With these new steps we contribute to the further development of Veenendaal into a lively and attractive inner city, to the benefit of both residents and visitors. Traditionally, Veenendaal has a strong regional function, said Henny Jansen, Inner City Manager of Shopping City Veenendaal. "We want to further strengthen this function in the coming years. Good insight into visitor data is essential for this and will form the basis of our marketing strategy.

Digitwin dashboard for downtown
Digitwin dashboard for downtown

Downtown day

Veenendaal will host the Day of the Inner City on Thursday, April 11. Veenendaal won the 2023 award for Most Inspiring Inner City Project for the theme Livable & Social. During the visit to this city we will visit this wonderful project and enter into conversation with the parties here made a great success of it. The day offers a broad program with inspiring speakers, a walk through the inner city and a visit to some inspiring inner city projects including a demonstration of the dashboard.

Do you also want to get a better grip on downtown with data?

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