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Argaleo new partner DMI ecosystem

Argaleo has joined the DMI ecosystem. With this, DMI continues to expand. The entry was ratified on Nov. 8 at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, where the ecosystem showcased a wide range of public and private partners

Argaleo director-owner Jeroen Steenbakkers is happy and proud to join, "Together with several Dutch cities, we have developed solutions for insight into economic development, safety and mobility with our digital twin platform. The DMI ecosystem is a perfect opportunity for us to share this knowledge and scale up to other cities together with the other partners."

Caspar de Jonge, program manager at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and one of the initiators of the DMI ecosystem is pleased with the new entrants. "With these parties, DMI is growing further. The goal is to build a strong and multifaceted collaboration that will allow us to further accelerate smart and sustainable urbanization. The entry of these and similar parties helps in this regard. I hope this example will be followed by many fellow companies and other organizations."

In addition to Argaleo, Civity has joined from its collaboration partners. Roelof Schram, director of Civity: "The DMI ecosystem needs quality and uniformity in the use of data and metadata. With the data catalog and metadata quality tool, we already offer years of service, knowledge and proven results that others within DMI can make direct use of. We don't want to let that go unused, which is why Civity is happy to participate."

jeroen steenbakkers, caspar de jonge, roelof schram partner dmi ecosystem
Jeroen Steenbakkers (Argaleo), Caspar de Jonge (Min. I&W), Roelof Schram (Civity)

About the Dmi ecosystem

The Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem focuses on smart, sustainable urbanization and mobility renewal. It provides the domains of mobility, public space and housing with new tools from the digital world. If we really want to address all the challenges facing our cities properly and, above all, sustainably, we need to do so in context. So that the way in which we organize our environment, stay there and move around really brings sustainable progress. This requires the targeted coordination of policies and investments - both between governments and between governments and the business community - so that we quickly achieve sufficient scale and impact. And in doing so, we must maximize the potential of information technology, within socially responsible frameworks.

The DMI ecosystem is a public-private partnership of industry, knowledge institutes, G40 and G4 municipalities, provinces and the ministries of IenW and BZK under a joint Uniform Agreement System. DMI is made possible in part by the National Growth Fund.

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