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Digitwin Crowd Safety Manager successfully tested at Invictus Games

While the Invictus Games in The Hague were in their final day on Friday, a demonstration of the 'Crowd Safety Manager' took place further down the road near the De Yp police station. This modern data-dashboard, a result of the City Deal 'A Smart City, This is how you do it', has to offer an innovative change to monitor, predict and guide the flow of visitors on a large scale. (Source:

The basis is an integral 3D map of the Netherlands, with highly detailed information about the built and natural environment. On top of this, it is possible to project various live data layers, such as visitor numbers, the weather or public transport. The dashboard is the first result of the Crowd Safety Manager (CSM) working group from the City Deal, and a next step after much thought and several table sessions on the additional ethical issues.

The Invictus Games gave us a chance to test out the first technical version of the dashboard,' Matthijs Flim, project leader Smart City at the police force, told the gathering at the station. Sitting opposite him were several applicants from police units around the country, such as Amsterdam and Nijmegen. We tested the technology during this event purely from the sidelines, without actually taking any action during the event. It was a technical test.


Managing and predicting traffic

Jeroen Steenbakkers, director of digitwin-developer Argaleo, then demonstrated the dashboard. Next to him, on a large interactive screen, a 3D map of the Zuiderpark could be seen. At the Invictus Games we use public data such as weather, traffic information and public transport. Anonymous GPS data from mobile phones provided us with information about visitor numbers, distribution and zoning. In addition, we hung five counting cameras at entrance areas and looked at the social media around the games.

With the three-dimensional overview, police and authorities can manage crowds in a more targeted way, and ultimately also predict them. Think of a more targeted distribution of police units throughout the day. Many cities already have some experience with the use of digital twins in their security. But a dashboard of this size and with this integrality is new, explained Steenbakkers. 'Municipalities can use the same dashboard on Kings Day or other events.'

Role of the security domain is shifting

The ultimate goal for the new Crowd Safety Manager is to develop, by the summer season, a fully deployable dashboard that supports the end user, police or safety region, in their decision-making process with the help of data. It can become a standard part of a safety plan, where the user selects the most important data for the event in question,' was the opinion expressed at the meeting.

According to Steenbakkers, the security domain of today therefore no longer operates solely from the police or government. This role is also shifting to citizens and public-private parties. They can supply their own data and participate in creating a joint security operation,' he said. From the perspective of the City Deal, we are happy to link up with this. The dashboard is also part of the Smart Societies project of TNO, and was commissioned by the Large-scale and Special Operations Branch (SGBO).

A dashboard of this size and with this integrality is new


Matthijs Flim, Project leader Smart Cities Police

Read more about the digital twin solution for public order and safetyhere.

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