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Social distance tool provides insight into available public space during social distancing

Argaleo has developed a 'social distance' tool in its digital twin solution that gives users insight into the capacity of public space. In the coming months, Dutch society will have to take social distance into account, especially in public outdoor space. "It's literally about the distribution of scarce space", said Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the press conference on 14 April this year. In recent weeks, images have emerged of crowds in parks, queues for the construction market and the gathering of young people. It is difficult for authorities to determine what can and cannot be done. What is the size of the park? How big can the queue be? How many people can be safely accommodated on the square? The tool answers these difficult questions. 

The tool is available in DigiTwin, Argaleo's 3D web application. The user zooms in on the intended area and draws a plane in the 3D map. For example, in a park or a sidewalk in front of the supermarket. It then indicates both the surface area and the capacity in number of people. This calculation takes the required social distancing into account.

For professionals

The tool will be made available to professionals in the field of public order and security for at least 2 months. Think of Security Regions, Municipalities and Police. In cooperation with the authorities and specialists, the tool will be further developed to support the challenges of these parties even better.

Area and capacity market square

digital twin

The information in the Digital Twin is collected from many public national maps and sources. This provides an up-to-date and accurate picture of each environment and location. Think of footpaths, squares, cycle paths, but also buildings and their function. With colours and a legend the function of the buildings is shown, so you can immediately see whether it concerns a shop or a public building, for example. Because it is a web application, the tool is very accessible and scalable.

Park surface area and capacity

As a user, online tools are ideal for quickly and very accurately understanding the potential capacity of a certain area based on the standard of 1.5 meter spacing. This makes the tool particularly useful for municipalities and area managers. Thought should then be given to the management of inflow, stay and outflow and the management and control of the maximum numbers. We can support this.


Frank Wijnveld, Director CrowdProfessionals

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