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Digital Twins on Nederland Digitaal 2020

Pay attention. The event below has been postponed due to COVID-19. More information will follow.  

Argaleo brings the Digital Twin to the conference Netherlands Digital 2020. The largest conference in the Netherlands in the field of digitization. During the 4-day conference, governments, companies, knowledge institutes and civil society organizations work together on scaling up innovation, space for talent and the protection of public values and security. The government is the initiator of the conference. The conference will take place in the Martiniplaza in Groningen from 16 to 19 March.

Innovation market

On the innovation market Argaleo demonstrates the 3D Digital Twin of the Netherlands. A digital copy of the Netherlands in a 3D web application makes government data clear and helps to gain insight into social themes. The solution for the Dutch digitization strategy.

Sneak Preview "Atlas Liveable City"

In addition, Argaleo presents a sneak preview of the Digital Twin "Atlas Liveable City". This was developed in collaboration with Logistics Community Brabant (LCB). LCB is a collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology, Tilburg University, Netherlands Defence Academy and Breda University of Applied Sciences.

The modern city faces a number of challenges in terms of urban economic accessibility, social livability and environmental impact. The Atlas Liveable City was developed to provide more insight into the tension between available space, passenger and goods mobility.

This Digital Twin is fed with new insights from a permanent interaction between science, entrepreneurs and government. Examples of what you can find on the Atlas:

  • Accessibility public transport stations
  • Liveability scores at building level
  • Environmental zones and logistics functions

Are you interested already? Or would you like to schedule an appointment at the conference?

Bike accessibility Tilburg

Building functions Eindhoven