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Meet Argaleo at the SVB-BGT Contact days

The design of the Netherlands changes every day. Without a topographical subsurface, rules and overview, it becomes chaos. It is necessary to know exactly what the Netherlands looks like at the moment. With the Basic Registration Large Scale Topography (BGT), all physical objects such as buildings, roads, water and greenery are recorded unambiguously. The BGT is the virtual copy of the Netherlands that enables planners and managers to design the physical space in a well-considered way and to anticipate new developments.

This year the SVB-BGT will once again be a guest in the provincial houses for the annual Contact Days around the BGT. The BGT exists thanks to intensive cooperation between source holders and the business community. That is why source holders, companies and other interested parties are welcome to meet each other, share knowledge and exchange current affairs during these four days. Argaleo will support its partner SPOTinfo during a presentation on the Environment server.