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Start-Up Argaleo brings the whole of the Netherlands in 3D

All of the Netherlands in 3D as so-called Digital Twin. This is the product that the Bossche entrepreneurs André Sluyter and Jeroen Steenbakkers are going to market with the company Argaleo. Via the web, users can look at a 3D copy of an environment and retrieve information from more than 125 data sources. Think of the year of construction or the WOZ value of buildings, but also zoning plans and live positions of trains.

Argaleo is located in the Grasso community in Den Bosch, the data city of the Netherlands. The ambition is to grow through the Grasso network into a national player in the field of geodata and innovative data solutions. The motto is "from data to value". André Sluyter (Den Bosch) is experienced in starting up and managing ICT companies. He has been director of the company Crotec for many years. Jeroen Steenbakkers (Rosmalen) now has more than 10 years of international experience in marketing innovative ICT solutions. The right team to start this company.

The name of the product is Omgevingsserver and was developed by three Geo ICT experts. The product contains more than 125 so-called datasets that users, governments and companies, can link to their own systems and view them in 3D via the web. In collaboration with partners and customers, Argaleo will develop software solutions on top of the Environment Server. These solutions will contribute to themes such as Liveability, Mobility, Spatial Development and Energy Transition.