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+ 31 6 29326841

+ 31 6 29326841


What does the concept "DAAS" mean?

DAAS is an acronym for Data-As-A-Service, or "data as a service". The Environment server of SPOTinfo is a DAAS: you have access to many datasets that can be used for a wide range of applications.

How much does it cost to use

Costs depend on the data plan you take out. Surroundingserver has a basic package and a plus package. The plus package includes special card layers that require a larger investment. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Can I also add my own datasets?

Yes, Environment server has been set up in such a way that customers can also add their own specific thematic datasets. For the time being, however, this possibility is rather limited as this is still done manually at this stage. In the future this will be automated. Your own datasets will remain under your own management via a private cloud. So a customer can always access his own data.

How does Omgevingsserver relate to other market parties such as ESRI or GeoWeb?

ESRI and GeoWeb, like the other providers of GIS systems and map viewers, mainly offer functionality and expand this with a collection of data layers to support it. Environment server, on the other hand, only offers geo-content. The functionality that uses it is developed by third parties. For example, the data from Omgevingsserver can be used very well in ESRI and/or GeoWeb tooling.

What percentage of availability does the Environment server have?

Omgevingsserver strives for an uptime of 98.5%.

How secure is How easy can data be stolen?

Environment server uses basic user/password authentication and SSL. In theory, burglary is always possible, but the usual security measures have been taken.

Does have to deal with the AVG regulations?

No, Environment server is limited to location-based data. For example, Environment server does contain the cadastral parcel boundaries, but not the personal data about those parcels. Also, data about activity in properties does not contain personal data.

Does also serve as Linked data?

No, not yet. SPOTinfo has currently prioritized other topics higher.