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EU project for green cycling province of Brabant launched

The European project GREENGAGE was recently launched, an initiative of Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Province of North Brabant and Argaleo. GREENGAGE is a three-year project using citizen participation to co-create green initiatives with governments that contribute to climate mitigation and innovative cycling policies. BUAS will collaborate with the Province of North Brabant and Argaleo to set up a so-called "citizen science lab" in North Brabant that facilitates travelers to switch from cars to bicycles. In addition to the pilot in North Brabant, there are other pilots in Bristol (UK), Copenhagen (DK) and in Turin (IT), each focusing on different green initiatives.

BUAS, Brabant and Argaleo are continuing their already existing cooperation on data-driven cycling policy with this project. The Province wants to facilitate travelers to switch from cars to bicycles and BUas, with its mobility and cycling experience, can help. By using data collection and data visualizations in Argaleo's digital twin, citizens can participate and contribute to a greener Brabant.

With 17 partners in the consortium, from Austria, Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, this project focuses on green initiatives across Europe. Partners include governments and universities, but also include technology companies. These companies are making different technology available for all pilots to encourage active citizen involvement.

representatives from Argaleo, Breda University of Applied Sciences and Province of North Brabant

Representatives from BUas, Province of North Brabant and Argaleo

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