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Argaleo signs extension City Deal 'A smart city, that's how you do it'

The Netherlands faces major challenges to keep our cities, towns and regions livable and sustainable. We can only solve them if we use the opportunities that digitization and technology offer us, in a democratic manner. That is why Argaleo and 58 partners joined the next step of the City Deal 'A smart city, that's how you do it'.

For the past two years, 63 partners have been working in the City Deal "A smart city, that's how you do it. Together they want to use the opportunities of digitization and technology to keep regions, cities and villages livable and social and strengthen democracy.

A large smart city network looking to make strides

With success, as 16 new tools have been developed that make smartcity solutions easier to implement. Among them the Crowd Safety Manager. A toolbox has been created in which over 250 tools have been collected and over one and a half million euros in (European) grants have been obtained. But above all, the partners have discovered in recent years that they can rely on each other's expertise, creating more speed in innovation. A large and robust smartcity network has emerged that aims to make great strides in the coming years.

Project leader Jan-Willem Wesselink is pleased with the next step. 'We have laid a good foundation for exploiting the opportunities that digitization and technology can offer to cities, towns and regions. We must now convert those opportunities into value. It's great to see that the partners want to continue with this.'

Partners City Deal "A smart city, that's how you do it

The following governments, businesses and civil society organizations signed the next step of the City Deal in 's-Hertogenbosch on January 19: Municipality of Alkmaar, Municipality of Amersfoort, Amsterdam Smart City, Municipality of Apeldoorn, Arcadis, Argaleo, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, BNSP, BPD, BTG, Municipality of Breda, Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel, Capgemini, Center for Security and Digitalization, Civity, Data- and Knowledge Hub Healthy Urban Living, municipality of The Hague, municipality of Deventer, DHM, municipality of Dordrecht, ELBA\REC, municipality of Enschede, Facilicom Solutions, Fiware, FME, Fontys hogeschool, Future City Foundation, Goudappel, Heerlen municipality, Heijmans, Helmond municipality, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Kadaster, KPN, NHL Stenden, North Brabant province, North Holland province, Overijssel province, Platform31, Police, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, municipality of Roermond, city of Roeselare, municipality of Rotterdam, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch, municipality of Sittard-Geleen, Six advocaten, TNO, TU Delft, VodafoneZiggo, WeCity, WeLabs, province of Zuid-Holland, municipality of Zwolle.

At the same time, an intention was signed with DigiGo, Impact Coalition Safety & Security, the Retail Agenda, the U-Tech Community and Urban Innovation Development network (i.o.) to explore how we can work better together. Wesselink: "We face enormous challenges in the Netherlands. We have a large housing demand and at the same time a solid sustainability task.'

City Deals

The City Deals are part of Agenda City, the inter-governmental program in which cities, social partners and central government work together to strengthen the innovation of Dutch cities. City Deals aim to boost innovation. In City Deals, the parties involved lay down concrete agreements with each other. In this approach, content is central and the various parties work together on the basis of equality. For more information, visit

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