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BNR Eyeopeners: This 3D map knows exactly how busy it is on the beach of Scheveningen

This summer will again be busy in the Dutch seaside resorts, but when is it too busy and how can the police and enforcement scale up in time when necessary? This summer, the municipality of The Hague is testing a digital system that knows exactly how busy it is and how busy it will get. How does that help prevent problems?

In this episode of BNR Eyeopeners, we talk about the digital twin of The Hague. This 3D map shows exactly how busy it is and where the traffic is moving to. What data is collected to feed the map and what are the applications for the municipality, the police and other agencies? Eventually, the digital map will also be able to predict how crowds will develop. Can this system help more cities and events to prevent accidents?

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Guest in this broadcast

Saskia BruinesAlderman for Economy, International and Services for the Municipality of The Hague. As alderwoman, Saskia is responsible for digitalisation in the city. Together with the municipality, she initiated the trial with the digital map. What opportunities does the municipality see in this technology and what risks should be taken into account?

Theo van der Plasportfolio holder for digitalisation and programme director for Cybercrime at the National Police. Theo tells about the test that the police is conducting with the system and how it can be used by the emergency services to arrive more quickly at the scene or to prevent dangerous situations.

Jeroen Steenbakkers, founder of Argaleo, the company that develops the digital twin of The Hague and the entire Netherlands. Jeroen tells which data are used in the digital 3D map and which applications are possible.

About BNR Eyeopeners

In this programme, Nina van den Dungen talks to three guests every week about smart technological innovations that will play a major role in the sustainable future. Many subjects are discussed: such as the realisation of smart energy networks, the possibilities (and dangers) of face recognition, the latest developments in remote working and the latest innovations in the field of cyber security. Nina will discuss the impact of these discoveries, but especially their practical applicability for companies and consumers.

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