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Data-driven insights at National Cycling Congress

The National Cycling Congress is there to learn, to meet, to discuss solutions and issues but above all to inspire each other. For ten years now, cycling professionals from the Netherlands and Belgium have been coming together to discuss the latest issues of today and tomorrow surrounding cycling in a good mix of knowledge, networking and relaxation. This year, Municipality Enschede is the host of the National Cycling Congress. We would love to meet you over coffee on June 1st and 2nd to tell you more about our digital twins for data-driven insights in bicycle policy.

Dutch Cycling Intelligence

Like many Dutch governments, The Hague has set its sights high regarding a leap of scale in bicycle use. The municipality gives concrete substance to the question 'how? Through practical innovations and concrete insights based on data, the bicycle network performance is continuously updated and adjusted. To make a leap of scale, The Hague believes in interaction between practical applications, knowledge building and sharing, and healthy cooperation within the ecosystem. "Alone you go faster, together you get further". In a unique setting called 'Dutch Cycling Intelligence' (DCI), the municipality of The Hague has joined forces with the cooperating governments within Tour de Force, academic institutions and market parties including Argaleo. In a workshop session, Rinse Gorter (municipality of The Hague) and Joost de Kruijf (Breda University of applied sciences) will guide you through the application of Dutch Cycling Intelligence.