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Den Bosch safe from lockdown with crowd management dashboard

The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch developed a crowd management dashboard together with Argaleo. In a digital copy of the city, a so-called digital twin, data is cleverly linked and analyzed to provide insight into the flow of visitors in the city center. The tool will support crowd management in the city during the expected easing of traffic in the upcoming months, and afterwards during the event De Bossche Zomer.

With the expected relaxations in the coming months, it is important for the municipality to implement these relaxations safely and smartly. This will ensure that the flow of visitors to the city is properly facilitated and spread. On the one hand the aim is to guarantee a safe and pleasant visit to the city. On the other hand, to facilitate a balanced flow to all shops, restaurants and terraces.

In a digital dashboard of the city, so-called digital twin, the company Argaleo from Den Bosch has cleverly linked and visualized pedestrian data. The dashboard gives "real-time" insight in the current flow of visitors in the city and provides an analysis of historical data. So questions like "what time do people enter the city?" or "from which side do people enter the city?" are answered by the tool. The municipality sees this Digitwin as a source of data-driven insights, which will help to re-open the city and enter a vibrant Bossche Zomer.

Cooperation with other municipality

For the development of the tool, Den Bosch and Argaleo are working together with The Hague, Breda and the National Police. They do this in a so-called City Deal program of the government: "A smart city, how to do it! In this cooperation, lessons and experiences from the system are shared, but also further developed together. So that not every city reinvents its own 'wheel'. Other cities in the Netherlands are now also interested in the system in which Den Bosch is now a leader.

The tool is now in use and will first be used to gain insight and overview of the visitor dynamics of the city. Leading Datastad Den Bosch is not sitting still and is also starting a project with Argaleo and other partners to predict the flow of visitors and to gain insight into the other flows in the city. Think of bicycle, car and public transport. This is also the first step in making mobility more sustainable for the city of tomorrow. Read more about this...

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