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Vlaardingen starts data-driven pilot with Digitwin

The municipality of Vlaardingen is going to work with our digital twin. In a digital 3D copy of the city, data is linked to give insights in the physical environment. Digitwin will support developments in the city and the realisation of the ambitions as defined in the vision of the future.

Based on the future vision 2020-2040, the municipality of Vlaardingen is working on a safe and healthy city where it is pleasant to live, work and relax. Making housing more sustainable and creating a good mix of buildings and green areas play an important role in this. In the coming period we will also work on improving the accessibility of facilities. Keeping the city liveable will be given the necessary attention, with more room for sustainable mobility, such as cycling and public transport, seen as an opportunity.

digital twin

Digitwin gives us a daily overview of the state of the city. The information is unlocked in a 3D visualisation and gives a clear overview. This helps my colleagues to better assess the impact of measures and policies on the built environment. This way of working in a data-driven way helps us to realise the ambitions of our vision of the future. The digital twin is a scalable solution in which we can provide our own data with secure insight and link it to public data sources' says Paul Dekker, Strategic Advisor and Project Leader at the municipality of Vlaardingen:

information-driven work

In the pilot project with Vlaardingen, Argaleo is looking forward to optimizing and further developing the information-driven 3D work together in the near future.

Digitwin is currently used by large cities, safety regions and provinces. With Vlaardingen as a new partner, we see that the technology is also suitable and accessible for medium sized municipalities with digital ambitions" says Michel ten Brummelhuis, Projectmanager at Argaleo.

Digitwin gives us a daily update on the state of the city.

Paul Dekker, Strategic advisor and Project leader at the municipality of Vlaardingen:

Digitwin for your municipality

Are you as a municipality also curious what a digital twin can do for you?

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