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Argaleo is now an affiliate member of Connekt

After the Connekt Affiliation Event on 10 July, Argaleo joined the Connekt network as Affiliation Member. Connekt is an independent network for smart mobility and sustainable logistics. A mix of knowledge, creativity and decisiveness where influential parties from the triple helix come together: Connekt connects governments, companies and knowledge institutions. With more than 500 partners worldwide, they devise and realise tangible solutions that improve the world - both economically and in terms of sustainability.

The Affiliation Program

In the Affiliation Program Connekt connects start-ups to established organisations. The start-ups that convince the network of their concept during the Affiliation Event were offered a Connekt coaching partnership. Connekt members can connect to the start-ups by becoming a coach. TU Delft has become the coach of Argaleo. In an interview Jeroen Steenbakkers (owner Argaleo) tells about his experience with the Affiliation Program.

"The Affiliation Program is a good initiative. Connekt consists of a good network. For start-ups, however, it is still difficult in terms of costs to become a member and thus connect to the network. The fact that Connekt offers start-ups a chance to connect through the Affiliation Program is very nice. Especially for start-ups it is important to have good connections and contacts. The mentor function that comes with the Affiliation Program is also nice. That there is someone who takes you into the network by hand".

What does Argaleo expect from the Connekt network?

"I find it interesting to participate in the events in order to share knowledge and know what is going on in the mobility and logistics market. We also believe in the triple helix collaboration. We are a technology company and therefore specialise in technology. We develop 3D dashboards and thus help the customer gain insights. But we don't have the knowledge of the market. Therefore we have to work together with specialists and consultants. We believe that the knowledge is in the Connekt network.
With the help of the network we can therefore define the challenges in the market and use the knowledge from the network to convert the data into the right insights".