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Online insight into 'corona capacity' of restaurants and terraces

From the 1st of June the restaurants, bars and terraces will be open again. With the social distance rule, this is a great challenge for both entrepreneurs and authorities. Argaleo has developed a solution to face to this challenge. The online tool provides insight into the location of bars/restaurants, the surface area of the terraces and gives an estimate of the 'corona capacity'.

By re-opening the terraces there will be an increase of traffic and pedestrian flows in the city. In addition, entrepreneurs will have to take measures to comply with the social distance rule. A major challenge for entrepreneurs, but also for the authorities responsible for public space and safety. Where are the establishments located? How do these buildings relate to other public locations? How much space is there at all for a terrace? These questions are answered by our new tool.

social distance tool

Two weeks ago we developed the so-called 'social distance tool' and made it available to the authorities. It provides insight into the capacity of outdoor space, taking into account the social distance rule. The tool is now being used by various safety regions and municipalities.

Data from public sources

The tool is available in a digital 3D map of the Netherlands, a so-called Digital Twin. The information in the Digital Twin is collected from many public sources. This provides an up-to-date and exact picture of each environment and location. Think of pedestrian lanes, public squares, parks but also buildings and their function. Such as the meeting function that applies to the hospitality industry. In cooperation with the authorities, the tool will be further developed to provide even better insight into the effects of the one and a half metre society.

Population (colour) of catering establishments in Amsterdam

Hospitality Information