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Mini-Congress: from IoT to Clever Living

Pay attention. The event below has been postponed due to COVID-19. More information will follow.  

Together with Rabobank and Argaleo, the Economy & Space platform organises the mini-congress "Smart City; from IoT to Smart Living". Several speakers explain how big data, geo data, AI and IoT help us with themes such as housing, mobility, energy transition, circularity and self-reliance. In a plenary session alternated with several workshops we bring together leaders of business, education and government to create a smarter and healthy Smart City environment with more impact for citizens. 

urban issues

On April 7th you are welcome to attend our Mini-Congress on current urban issues:

  • Insisting on the use of space and spatial planning;
  • Livable and healthy city;
  • Energy transition;
  • Circular building.

We're signaling:

  • A shortage of housing locations due to lagging housing programmes and the mismatch of types of housing are increasingly breaking us down. Too few homes suitable for longer independent living at home, the call for the old people's home sounds louder and louder, far too few affordable homes for starters.
  • That people are encouraged to live healthier lives but then we need a healthy city that invites people to walk and recreate close to home.
  • Getting rid of the gas is easier said than done. The energy transition goes beyond installing solar panels and wind turbines. What does the brilliant business model of the energy transition look like and where do we start?
  • The Netherlands circular in 2050. The demand for raw materials for food, electrical appliances and clothing, for example, is rising sharply worldwide. That is why the government is working with the business community, knowledge institutes and nature and environmental organisations, governments, trade unions, financial institutions and other civil society organisations to be more economical and smarter with raw materials. The goal: The Netherlands fully circular by 2050 and how far are we with circular building?

During this morning you will be told how smart data provides insight into the above issues.

Leading speakers

We offer a programme with a plenary part and thematic workshops with prominent speakers, such as:

  • Geert van der Heijden, Rabobank
  • Eric van Dijk, Province of Utrecht
  • Jim Teunizen, Alba Concepts
  • Monique Egenberger, Tsavo
  • Jeroen Steenbakkers, Argaleo

7 April 2020

09:30 to 13:00 (walk-in from 09:15 and including a simple sandwich lunch)

Rabobank Nederland, Fellenoord 17, Eindhoven. Four minutes walk from Eindhoven Central Station