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Argaleo on Get Connected Annual Conference 2019

Thursday October 10th the Utrecht Region Get Connected annual conference will take place in Stadium Galgenwaard, Utrecht. A regional festival with a programme full of inspiration, creation, collaboration and encounters. Meet the network and contribute to the ambition of healthy urban living. Argaleo can be found at the Marketplace Future City Square and pitch carousel about the smart and healthy city. 

Future City Square

"Fasten your seatbelt for your visit to Future City Square! Our country is changing at a rapid pace. If we want our cities and towns to remain healthy and livable, we now have to make choices about how we want technology to affect our living environment. This square is dominated by the changes that technology and digitization (can) bring about and how we can or should deal with this. We have carefully put together a programme on this Future City square: from digital twins to ethical dilemmas and public-private partnerships in the smart city. Enjoy the ride.

Download here the timetable of the Future City square. Wondering where your session will take place? Then download the floor plan of the Future City square here.